Our HR Management & Payroll System is a self-customizable software solution that suits any small, medium or large organization. It is designed to reduce the time and effort associated with payroll processing to provide seamless operations that enable you to handle all staff and payment processes in a simple and accurate manner. Our Software allows your organisation to automatically generate pay slips, takes care of Employee Leave, Overtime, Allowances, Loans, Advances, Arrears and other standard deductions such as PAYE and NAPSA Pensions. The system features an elaborate set of functions to automatically send reminders on impending Probation Assessments for Confirmations to Supervisors and HR, Leave Application notifications to Supervisors, and other pending actions. This ensures HR and Staff are fully in control of their processes without much human intervention.

Key Features of the HR & Payroll Software

1) Probations and employee Contract expiry reminders and alerts.
2) Allows you to send Single, Bulk, Group SMS to your contacts to remind your clients for payments, announcements, events and many more.
3) Complete employee record keeping, therefore, employee files, folders, qualifications, previous employment information and other document attachments.
4) Employee Performance Management, this feature will allow you prepare and conduct performance and competency reviews as well as put together performance goals and personal development plans per employee.
5) Leave Management Module, this feature lets you manage leave administration and enforce specific leave policies that suite your organisation, making the leave process a piece of cake. The leave management module is also fully integrated with the pay roll.
6) Document management share point module, this module takes care of your document filing and makes it easy for you to easily track and find documents. 
7) Disciplinary records module, this module lets you keep track of employee disciplinary records, dates of disciplinary charge, levels of discipline and many more.

Why choose our HRMS?

1) Security and Uptime: Our average uptime for the past years has been 99%. We value your data, therefore, we ensure that your data is kept secure and accessed by users who are authorized to access it.
2) Simple User Interface: We have built our Payroll and HR software to be simple to learn and integrate to any other systems.
3) Support: We are available to support you all the way, our competent and highly qualified staff are always available to listen to your problems.
4) Automated backups and recovery: You do not have to worry about losing your data because our servers ensure that your information is periodically backed up for restoration in case of a failure.

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