Chesco Pay

Chesco Pay "Chesco Pay is a Smart reseller platform / App that is meant for small, medium and large retail sellers. Chesco Pay allows merchants / retails to sell Airtime therefore Zamtel, Airtel and MTN networks. Chesco Pay also allows merchants to sell Zesco Units, Vodafone Bundles, GOTV, DSTV, MLIFE and IConnect Bundles and earn commissions for each sale.

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Rhema Survey

Rhema Survery is a mobile app that is used to data analysis and collection, this is an application that us used by zambia institute of research.

Rhema Survery works mostly for offline data collection, meaning, a user downloads a questionniare from a server using the app and when the download is complete , the questionniare is saved on the users phone. The user can then collect data for analysis without having to use the internet connection. Upon completion of the data collection, the user uploads the questioniiare back to the server for his or her supervisors to analyze the data.

Smart Mobile Eyes

Smart Mobile Eyes is an Android mobile application that is built to make smart phones easier to use for the visually impaired. We noticed that blind people especially in our country have been left out with technology and are facing problems using smart phones meant for people with vision. We then came up with Smart Mobile Eyes , which is a talking mobile app, It has a voice recognizer which listens for any requests made by the user, it is able to read messages for th blind people when the blind person receives a text message. It is able to guide the blind person on how to use it and most importantly, recognize money for them, meaning all the user has to do is to command the phone to recognize the money, the app launches a camera and then the user points the phone where the money is, it recognizes the currency and speaks to the user telling them what it has recognized.

U-link Mobile

U-link mobile is an android version of the www.u-linkventures.com website, the only difference with this on is that it was designed specifically for android phones in order to improve user experience and interaction.
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