U-Link Ventures

U-link ventures is a platform that links individuals, entrepreneurs to private and Government Finacial Institutions, as well as Business advisors.

It is a platform that is meant to reduce the gap between financiers and entrepreneurs, u-link started small but now it has hundreds of entrepreneurs and financiers registered on it. Thanks to our search engine optimization skills and online marketing. It has gotten known by many people across the country and world at large.
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Ferngroove BC

Ferngroove is an indigenous and reputable Zambian firm with wide experience in the field of Business Consultancy. Our client base includes large and small, local and international private business enterprises. We pride ourselves in being a fully and well integrated to meet various needs of our clients through. As a business advisor, we work in multidisciplinary teams, often directly with company leaders; we help bring diverse perspectives to every challenge.
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Motor-Vantage is an international blog / Website that deals in Design, Innovation, Technology and Marketing. Motor-Vantage works closely with car makers and its focus is to keep its readers up to date with technology trends.
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Zamtutor is an online platform that links individual who want to learn to people who can teach them. Zamtutor offers serveral tutors in the following categories:

Zamtutor works with certified Tution Centres that offer tutions in Maths, Science, English, Biology and many more subjects. Making our services more reliable and trustworthy. Below are some of the Tution Centres: ✓ Lusaka Trust Tution Centre ✓ Munali Tutions ✓ Kabwe Skills Tutions ✓ Glory Academy
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Business Vantage

Business-Vantage is an international blog / Website that deals in Design, Innovation, Technology and Marketing. Business-Vantage focuses on keeping its readers up to date with technology, marine, business and innovation trends. See App